Delivery Information

Where do we deliver?

We offer our products to anyone in the UK.

On The Roll is based in Edinburgh. We are offering One Day Delivery completely free of charge to our local area (postcode EH1 – EH30).

For all other deliveries within the UK we are working together with UPS delivery service.

How much do we charge for delivery?

Local deliveries (EH1-EH30) are free of charge.

For the rest of the UK, we charge £7.50 for all postal deliveries.

How quickly can we deliver your order?

Local deliveries (EH1-EH30) will be delivered within 24hrs between Monday and Thursday.

For the rest of the UK, orders placed between Monday and Thursday will be dispatched within 24hrs and delivered to you within two working days. We do not send out products over the weekend – so depending on the day you place your order, postal deliveries could take up to four days.

You can choose what day you’d like your order to be delivered at the checkout.

Is there a minimum amount to place an order?

We accept all orders over £15 (excluding delivery charge).

How do we make sure your order stays cool?

To ensure that you will get your order at best quality we will send a completely temperature controlled parcel. Depending on your choice of products, the size and the weight of the parcel, we will either deliver it in a parcel using Woolcool thermal insulated packaging or Thermapost insulated courier packs.

Woolcool thermal insulated packaging is designed specifically for direct deliveries of chilled and frozen foods. It maintains the temperature at under 5C.  The Wool is sustainable, compostable, and due to Wool’s superior insulative properties, more effective than other solutions at keeping contents consistently colder for longer.

ThermaPost insulated courier packs are manufactured from ThermaPack Ultra Double reflective foil aluminium insulation. Two layers of highly reflective foil act as an efficient radiant barrier, separated by an air bubble membrane to prevent cold bridging and maintain temperatures for longer.

Both packaging options are cooled with long lasting ice packs.

Can you receive your parcel when you are not at home?

All our products are delivered in specially designed temperature controlled boxes that stay chilled for up to 48 hours, guaranteeing you fresh produce every time.

If you are not in to accept your order the courier will either leave in your designated safe place or leave it with a neighbour if possible – so be sure to check prior to contacting us.

Can you return the products?

Should you change your mind and cancel your order prior to dispatch, we shall refund you the full order and shipping charges. If you receive a damaged or otherwise unusable product, you can request a refund by contacting us via email at